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photo by Paul Daley


(Selected) Readings

Words on the Water, Campbell River, Vancouver Island

Writers at Woody Point, Bonne Bay, NL

Fisher’s Loft, Port Rexton, Trinity Bay, NL

Heriot Bay Inn, Quadra Island, B.C.

Random Passage, New Bonaventure, NL

Irish Newfoundland Association, St. John's

(Selected) Publications

Marjorie has published in Coastal Spectator, Atlantic Books Today, The Business Post, Fodor's Travel Guides, Queen's Quarterly, Descant, Geist, The Fiddlehead, This Magazine, Azure, Antigonish Review, Riddle Fence, Ottawa Citizen, National Post, Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, Newfoundland Quarterly, Waterlily, Celtic Connection, Independent, Newfoundland Lifestyle, Atlantic Business.

photo by Margaret Doyle

Some of the things Marjorie Writes, Reads and Talks About

  • “Humour in Creative Non-Fiction” (forthcoming)
  • Canada Post! Listen here
  • Review of M.A.C. Farrant's The World Afloat here
  • The “Jack” character in Newfoundland history. See her talk at the Jack Cycle, A six-hour marathon telling of Jack Tales, held at the Ship Inn, St. John's, March 2011 here
  • Mothers. Hear her popular talk Motherography: Writing About Mother
  • Childhood. “Child Traveller,” Geist, Vol. 16, No. 66, Fall 2007  pdf
  • The Portuguese in St. John's. “Tender Ladies,” Newfoundland Quarterly, Vol. 99, No. 3, 2007
  • Living in Barcelona. “Homage to Barcelona” in Imprints 11. Gage Educational Publishing Company
  • Hooligans and the Newfoundland environment. “Some Reflections on the Newfoundland Outdoors,” in From Red Ochre to Black Gold (Flanker Press)
  • Cuba and Newfoundland. “Bridging Troubled Waters,” Descant 134 Cuba, Inside/Out, Vol. 37, No. 3, 2006
  • The value of music lessons. “Parents: Get thy children to a clarinet,” Globe and Mail, April 19, 2006
  • Singing in a home for the aged at Christmas time. “Sing, and Louder Sing,” in Reels, Rock and Rosaries: Confessions of a Newfoundland Musician. Listen here, from a broadcast on CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition
  • Trinity College Music Exams. “Mr. Foggin’s Fellows Come To Town,” The Antigonish Review, 141/142, Spring/Summer 2005
  • See “The Ticket Out” in Queen's Quarterly, Summer 2010 Vol. 117 No. 2.
  • Non-Fiction in Newfoundland. “The Ocean and Its Stories:” pdf
  • Review of Stan Dragland's Apocrypha: Further Journeys. “Hearing Voices” pdf
  • Music Theory. “The Day the Music (Almost) Died” pdf

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