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Review remarks A Doyle Reader:

“….beautifully written.”  Downhome

“A Doyle Reader is a gem.”  The Compass

“Doyle’s essays are entertaining and designed to make you think.”  The Telegram

“Marjorie Doyle is a very funny person.” 
The Northeast Avalon Times

“….contains much that is acerbic but always with a pinch of humour.  Grab a copy…It’ll make you laugh.”  The Southern Gazette

“The Doyle Reader is an easy and enjoyable read.”  The Guardian

Readers’ response to A Doyle Reader: 

“…. Your writings of truth and life and love and laughter are universal.”  – Andi Murphy  (Ottawa)

“…. Humour, sorrow, insight into the Nfld. Psyche, all expressed in wonderful prose…I couldn’t put it down.” 
        – Dave Foley  Chester, N.S.

“My God, woman, you can write!”    – Cynthia French   (N.S.)

“…. Great laughs, a few tears and always the deep satisfaction and enjoyment that come with the well written word.”              – Maureen Anonsen    St. John’s

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